Sunday, 5 February 2012


I've been neglecting my blog! But are there even people who read it? Probably not, but last entry was emo, no more of that! I've gotten back into my groove in Canada.
     Well, Douglas wasnt able to make it up here to visit or to go to the Canucks/Blackhawks game due to evil weather and storms. But I was able to sell my tickets and get a free giant Canucks flag from the same person.
     A friend from high school is in town and I got to meet up with her for dinner last night. Its been 6 years since I've last seen her, but it wasnt awkward at all. It was good times.
     School is still fun, and still stressful due to the years it will take to get a good job. The past two weeks we have been doing decade looks and this coming week we are going to have to work on models and do a photoshoot.
    Myself and a few girls from class decided to start putting ads out there for us to do makeup for proms and weddings, so if your from BC, come to meeeeee!!! I do hair too lol. AND!...Douglas made me buisness cards, which I've very excited for.
    Speaking of Douglas, his blog has been doing really well ( Exotic Hikes )
Ok, I'm done for now, I'll be back!