Sunday, 25 December 2011

I Know I'm Late

but Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I'll update tomorrow! lol

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Home for the Holidays

     Ive been home for almost a week now, and so far it has been somewhat eventful. My boyfriend finally met my mom, we also went to the zoo during the day and at night for Zoolights. My mom and I saw Sherlock Holmes 2, which was amazing. Douglas, his cat, and I also got christmas photos with Santa. Im anxious to see those. I do, however, have a photo of the cat wearing her elf hat before we went to take christmas photos.
     Tonight we are making my great grandma's christmas cookies, which we do every year, and they are the most amazing cookies ever but a pain to decorate because one batch makes sooooooooooo much, but I think I was able to recruit Douglas to help *evil grin*
    Tomorrow we will, hopefully, be going to a play. I say "hopefully" because I'm paranoid and hoping tickets are still available. Next week, we are going to Mt Rainer! And for NYE we are going to Portland, OR. Also, I need to hangout with Ashley. Shes really the only person from home that I still talk to. I knew my friends werent that great so I wasnt surprised that they only kind of contact me when I'm home, except for Ashley. She emails me all the time and was even more excited for my home coming than I was. Shes a good person.
     Oh gosh, so many things to do while Im home, yet all I want to do is spend all of my time with Douglas and my mom. Good thing I still have two more weeks here!

Douglas' cat, Leah, with her new Christmas hat. Also its her first Christmas.

Me and Douglas' dog, Millie. She loves dressing up and cuddling.

Brita likes to wear my hair on her face, and Jon likes to photo bomb

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Packing for Christmas break

Today has been an interesting day.
     First we had to bring our massive makeup kits to school and our cameras to recreate a photo for the Art & Tech portion of our course. Later in the day we were put into our new class which is Hair for Bridal and Fashion. I know im going to ace that because I'm already a licensed hairstylist in the states. Anyways, not only did we have our giant makeup kits but we were also given a large hair kit bag, a big box of hot rollers, and a manequin head and not to forget my large purse, camera and lunch tupperware.
     I want you to imagine all those pieces piled onto one and my little arms trying to drag, carry, and wrap around bags and boxes. Oh and the bus decided to just drive right past without even slowing down.

     Alright, well now that I have that ranted out, Let me rant on about trying to pack. Im stuffing a suitcase inside a larger suitcase so I have room for my christmas presents. On top of that I have my purse, which will be full and heavy, Douglas' bag of gifts and the large broom I once spoke of in blog posts past. In that suitcase is clean and dirty clothes because I was too lazy to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes. GUH!
    Damn train for leaving so early in the morning. Tomorrow night my classmates are having a "christmas booze" party and I must miss it so I can sleep and catch my train in the morn. Oh well, we will have other celebrations.

That Is All.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Forks, WA

Dont go there. Just...dont. Why you ask? Because Forks is a one road town that takes 3 seconds to drive through. The High school is the size of a post office, and the most entertaining thing about it was the "Seasons Greetings" sign over the main road from the begining of Forks to the end of Forks. Also, if your a Twilight fan, La Push isnt even that close to Forks. The town in the movie is 10 times bigger compared to the actual town of Forks.

ok, that is all.


Monday, 12 December 2011


I love my boyfriend.

Also, I caved and spent more money. I did take out my cab money and some extra for snacks on the train. Also paid Katie back and got clearance stuff from Michaels Craft store for the scrapbook.
I just cant help myself when it comes to Michaels and Lush! I should give myself a monthly budget, which will be $0 after christmas.

That is all.

Christmas Shopping Is Going to Kill Me...

..Mostly because I like to spend money on my mom and Douglas. I don't do it because I think about all the things they have gotten me, but just because I see things and think of them.
     I have gotten my mom the broom I last talked about. Oh, did I mention that the broom is also $100? No? Well, it was, but it was worth it because I knew she wanted that broom so much but she never spends money on herself. I also got her a Kindle Accessory bundle, which I'm quite upset about. Kindles are stupid. Why get something to read books on when you can just read a book? And you have to charge a kindle. You also don't get the satisfaction of turning actual pages or the smell of the book. I hate Kindles with a passion and they are the reason why amazing book stores like Borders, are out of business. There is only one book store now that isn't a used book store. I HATE YOU KINDLE! I also got her a cute mug.
     I did get Douglas a lot of things, and i mean A LOT! I got him some goodies from Lush because he doesn't use good stuff for his skin, but he will now! *insert evil laugh* Also got him something for hiking, I did mention before that everyone should check out his hiking business thing Do it. And I have gotten him Canucks stuff. Not expensive Canucks stuff, so I shouldn't hyperventilate over it. *panic face*
     With all of that said, I should probably get a job. Which I wouldn't freak out about it too much if I wasn't from another country. Its probably going to be a bit difficult, but I will make it happen. I need to support my Lush and shoe addiction, as well as my future with Douglas.
    Oh, and I just forgot I have to take out money for the cab. :-(

boooo money!


Just thought I'd share my surpised on how many have actually viewed my blog and from which countries!
     Well, Since I'm already here with this blank screen infront of me, I might as well update about something.
     In two days, Todd Masters (movie & Tv makeup artist) will be coming to my school for a little lecture. I'm sure I'm going to be very inspired and want to start working asap. Hes done movies and tv shows such as Star Trek, New Moon, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Tales from the Crypt, and so on.
I'm pretty sure no one understands how excited I am, especially my school mates who have only seen the
"popular" tv shows hes done.
     Also this week, I will be heading home, once again, for christmas break! Douglas and I will be having more fun adventures, of course. Going to Portland for New Years, and he will get to meet my mom. lol which may or maynot be awkward. Also, hopefully going to Zoolights at Pt defiance Zoo & Aquarium. If anyone happens to be going to the states from Canada the same day, then you'll know its me from the giant broom I will be carrying. That's right, I will be taking a broom back home. It's not just any broom, its a broom from Granville Island Broom Company. The store is actually pretty cool. You can see how they make their brooms and the smell is very country and comfy, even if your not from farm land.
     If you're ever in Vancouver, BC, Granville Island is a must. If I lived closer to Granville Island, I would definetly do my grocery shopping there at the public market. Also theres many cute shops, theatres, a childrens park, and I can't forget the Granville Brewery. mmmmm beeeeer.


Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Trip Back Home Part 2: The Guy at Customs

Before I tell you about the guy from Morocco at customs, Let me just warn you that there will be more photos. I love sharing my photos with people and hopefully whoever reads this will like to see them as well.
     When I got back into Vancouver, I had to sit at customs because I forgot my student visa. While they were checking my status on their computers, I had the pleasure to sit and listen to someone get interrogated. This kid, maybe 18 to 20 years old, from Morocco, was being questioned by a female customs officer, and for good reason. This kid didnt have an answer to any question that was asked. He didnt know if he was staying in a hotel or a hostel, he didnt know how he paid for school, but then suddenly changed his answer...frequently. He didnt know his teachers last name and only referred to him as John, as well as his roommate who was also John, hmmmm. Basically he either had no answer or changed his answers many times. He even claimed that the United States just gave him a greencard. Which I of course turned my head to him and gave off the "yeah freaking right, kid" look.
      I was good to go in about 15 minutes, and had a fast talking asian man get lost on my way home because he didnt use the Taxi's gps tools to get me there, cried a bit more (sad I had to leave) and passed out. The next day I was back at my regular schedule, which I couldnt remember.
     With that said, now time for some more photos!!
at the Hoh Rainforest

                                                                 My new rainboots :)
                  I was in the middle of rolling my eyes at Douglas when he snapped this. grrrr
                                                        Taking a picture of an Eagle
                                                       Taking a picture of Douglas lol
                                                                  Dancing on the beach

Me and Douglas at the Hoh
                                                                  Tastey salmon buddies

                                                               Jumping Salmon

My Trip Back Home Part 1: While There (lots of photos)

This past weekend I took a trip back home to Washington...State, not DC. Many people don't understand that Washington DC is on the east coast and is not a city or state.

ANYWAYS, I got to spend the entire weekend with my boyfriend, and we decided to take a trip around the Olympic Peninsula. He was my tour guide since he has been around the area before. ( He hikes and has a company. )
     This was my first time being anywhere near the Olympic Peninsula, except the one time Ive been to Ocean Shores, so imagine my surprise when I found out that its an all nature drive! *sarcasm*
     It was fun though! I got to experience a part Washington that I haven't seen before. We did stop off at a few locations though, thank goodness. Ruby Beach, Forks, and the Hoh Rain forest and a port-o-potty that was in a "town" by Lake Quinalt, I believe.
     We decided to come back to Olympia through Port Angeles and other places that I don't know the name of. Stopped off at a casino to get dinner, which was delicious. And we also stopped to look at the stars. My boyfriend is a very smart man, and he taught me how to find Venus, the North Star and Orion and not just his belt.
     Also, we went to his friends wedding, which was both awkward and amazing. My boyfriend, whose name is Douglas BTW, was the best man, so of course I knew his speech was going to be interesting and of course he tied in a couple Star Wars references. Though only my table from age 24-34 knew what he was talking about and of course laughed our heads off.
     Of course, many cute couple things happened with Douglas and I, like cooking together and whatnot, and I would share my joy and brag about him, but then this would be 10x longer of a blog post, so instead I will share some photos from the weekend.

Sunrise on the way to WA
Leaving Vancouver!

Stopped at 711 before our road trip. Giant rice krispies!

I dont know where we were, but it was a pretty drive, until we got to logging areas

Worlds biggest tree, Worlds smallest Cassy

Cuddle Love

The Sun. Apparently this doesnt happen often

Driving Love. and my weird hand
Poor little town :(

Canuck Love

Sunset on the way to Forks
Twilight in Forks
Bald Eagle

Ruby Beach

Bald Eagle at Ruby Beach

Douglas climbing
                          It was my turn to climb at Douglas' request...then the tide came in

Taking photos of eachother

Looks like from Nightmare Before Christmas, right?
Bald Eagle