Sunday, 22 January 2012

Holy Hecksters!

I've been slacking, and its not because ive been busy. Well this will be a small update since I still havent uploaded photos from my christmas vacation. Theres been snow here a bit, but my boyfriend has gotten tons of snow in WA. Well over 2 feet of snow, I believe, as well as freezing rain and mass power outages. My mom only lives about 30 minutes away and hasnt lost power at all but also has tons of snow. Hopefully Roads will be fine by this weekend. Douglas and I have plans for him to come visit me in Canada and go to a Canucks game!
Go Canucks
and Go away snow and ice!

Sunday, 1 January 2012


     This winter vacation has been eventful. I still have one week left to be home then I have to go back to Canada and get back into school. Its going to be hard. Being home has definetly helped me realize the type of place I want to live and Its helped me think about my future more and how I'm going to juggle it all.
    A few days ago, Douglas and I went up to Mt. Rainier, and ooooooh boy it was super snowy and icey, but only really near the top, otherwise it was just rainy. One thing I didnt realize, was how much it snowed. Take one step and next thing you know, your entire leg is in a hole. Well, it was really me. Douglas, lucky butthead, has some kind of sixth sense when it comes to walking in snow.

                               No I wasnt snowing, The snow wall in the parking lot was just that high

                                                    This photo is a whole other story. My dear BF decided that I just HAD to see this waterfall. Well, the trail was icey and snowey and steep. Took a long time getting down to the view point. I also thought he was going to have to cut off my leg because I was, once again, stuck in a hole of ice at a weird angle. Honestly, I was more concered about losing my shoe in the hole and having to walk back with one boot.
                                                                My snow throne
                                                          My creepy/ damn snow in my eye, face

                               He said he didnt push me, but I can say that I didnt pose like that on purpose