Sunday, 27 November 2011

My First Blog Entry in VanCity

I've been living in Vancouver, well...technically Burnaby, for almost 4 months now and I decided to write about my adventures. So I'll try to sum up the past 4 months in a short entry, or at least try to.

Early August 2011, I moved into my basement suite from Tacoma, Washington, USA. I know I was moving to another country and all, and that I should have been in culture shock, but culture wise, its not much different from the states, or at least I think so. I was nervous though. Moving to a whole new place, without knowing not one person, and moving into a basement suite of a couple that I met once, and moving into this suite with a girl that I also met once...on Facebook. Stupid? yes, BUT! We were both new to this area and both going to the same school, Blanche Macdonald. Thank goodness we werent going into the same program though, I think we would have gone crazy.

Anyways, we explored the city alot, and I met Katie through my roommate, whose name is Charlotte, by the way. It didnt take me long to really adjust to living in Canada. Actually, I like it a lot, more than a lot. How can you not love waking up next to beautiful mountains everyday? Sure, I dont actually live on the mountain, but they are so close and the views are unbelievable. In WA, we dont have a close view like that unless you live in a crap little town far from the city.

As much as I love living in the City of Glass, there are quite a few things that I dont like, ok things I hate. Like cell phones. No unlimited data plans in Canada for mobile. Crap North America/ International plans, one 4g network? and maybe too much city. The thing I like about WA is that you can live in a big city, but still be in a residential area. I wouldnt mind driving anywhere in the states, but here? in Canada? I hate it. I hate driving here. Oh and dont even get me started on the mail service. Two or more weeks for someone from WA, which is only a few hours away, to send me anything in the mail unless its UPS. Crap, I tell you, CRAP!

On top of moving away from family and my few friends, I moved away from my amazing, wonderful boyfriend. And I cant believe how supportive he has been. Thank goodness for skype and phones. In a few days I get to go see my boyfriend, then I must come back for school. boooo!

Speaking of school, I have been in school at Blanche Macdonald for a bit over a month and I love it. I am in the Global Make-up program and I have the best class and I have learned so much so quickly. I definetly wont ever regret going to this school.

Ok, so this entry isnt as short as I intended, but oh well.

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