Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Trip Back Home Part 2: The Guy at Customs

Before I tell you about the guy from Morocco at customs, Let me just warn you that there will be more photos. I love sharing my photos with people and hopefully whoever reads this will like to see them as well.
     When I got back into Vancouver, I had to sit at customs because I forgot my student visa. While they were checking my status on their computers, I had the pleasure to sit and listen to someone get interrogated. This kid, maybe 18 to 20 years old, from Morocco, was being questioned by a female customs officer, and for good reason. This kid didnt have an answer to any question that was asked. He didnt know if he was staying in a hotel or a hostel, he didnt know how he paid for school, but then suddenly changed his answer...frequently. He didnt know his teachers last name and only referred to him as John, as well as his roommate who was also John, hmmmm. Basically he either had no answer or changed his answers many times. He even claimed that the United States just gave him a greencard. Which I of course turned my head to him and gave off the "yeah freaking right, kid" look.
      I was good to go in about 15 minutes, and had a fast talking asian man get lost on my way home because he didnt use the Taxi's gps tools to get me there, cried a bit more (sad I had to leave) and passed out. The next day I was back at my regular schedule, which I couldnt remember.
     With that said, now time for some more photos!!
at the Hoh Rainforest

                                                                 My new rainboots :)
                  I was in the middle of rolling my eyes at Douglas when he snapped this. grrrr
                                                        Taking a picture of an Eagle
                                                       Taking a picture of Douglas lol
                                                                  Dancing on the beach

Me and Douglas at the Hoh
                                                                  Tastey salmon buddies

                                                               Jumping Salmon

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