Thursday, 15 December 2011

Packing for Christmas break

Today has been an interesting day.
     First we had to bring our massive makeup kits to school and our cameras to recreate a photo for the Art & Tech portion of our course. Later in the day we were put into our new class which is Hair for Bridal and Fashion. I know im going to ace that because I'm already a licensed hairstylist in the states. Anyways, not only did we have our giant makeup kits but we were also given a large hair kit bag, a big box of hot rollers, and a manequin head and not to forget my large purse, camera and lunch tupperware.
     I want you to imagine all those pieces piled onto one and my little arms trying to drag, carry, and wrap around bags and boxes. Oh and the bus decided to just drive right past without even slowing down.

     Alright, well now that I have that ranted out, Let me rant on about trying to pack. Im stuffing a suitcase inside a larger suitcase so I have room for my christmas presents. On top of that I have my purse, which will be full and heavy, Douglas' bag of gifts and the large broom I once spoke of in blog posts past. In that suitcase is clean and dirty clothes because I was too lazy to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes. GUH!
    Damn train for leaving so early in the morning. Tomorrow night my classmates are having a "christmas booze" party and I must miss it so I can sleep and catch my train in the morn. Oh well, we will have other celebrations.

That Is All.

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