Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Trip Back Home Part 1: While There (lots of photos)

This past weekend I took a trip back home to Washington...State, not DC. Many people don't understand that Washington DC is on the east coast and is not a city or state.

ANYWAYS, I got to spend the entire weekend with my boyfriend, and we decided to take a trip around the Olympic Peninsula. He was my tour guide since he has been around the area before. ( He hikes and has a company. )
     This was my first time being anywhere near the Olympic Peninsula, except the one time Ive been to Ocean Shores, so imagine my surprise when I found out that its an all nature drive! *sarcasm*
     It was fun though! I got to experience a part Washington that I haven't seen before. We did stop off at a few locations though, thank goodness. Ruby Beach, Forks, and the Hoh Rain forest and a port-o-potty that was in a "town" by Lake Quinalt, I believe.
     We decided to come back to Olympia through Port Angeles and other places that I don't know the name of. Stopped off at a casino to get dinner, which was delicious. And we also stopped to look at the stars. My boyfriend is a very smart man, and he taught me how to find Venus, the North Star and Orion and not just his belt.
     Also, we went to his friends wedding, which was both awkward and amazing. My boyfriend, whose name is Douglas BTW, was the best man, so of course I knew his speech was going to be interesting and of course he tied in a couple Star Wars references. Though only my table from age 24-34 knew what he was talking about and of course laughed our heads off.
     Of course, many cute couple things happened with Douglas and I, like cooking together and whatnot, and I would share my joy and brag about him, but then this would be 10x longer of a blog post, so instead I will share some photos from the weekend.

Sunrise on the way to WA
Leaving Vancouver!

Stopped at 711 before our road trip. Giant rice krispies!

I dont know where we were, but it was a pretty drive, until we got to logging areas

Worlds biggest tree, Worlds smallest Cassy

Cuddle Love

The Sun. Apparently this doesnt happen often

Driving Love. and my weird hand
Poor little town :(

Canuck Love

Sunset on the way to Forks
Twilight in Forks
Bald Eagle

Ruby Beach

Bald Eagle at Ruby Beach

Douglas climbing
                          It was my turn to climb at Douglas' request...then the tide came in

Taking photos of eachother

Looks like from Nightmare Before Christmas, right?
Bald Eagle

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