Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Shopping Is Going to Kill Me...

..Mostly because I like to spend money on my mom and Douglas. I don't do it because I think about all the things they have gotten me, but just because I see things and think of them.
     I have gotten my mom the broom I last talked about. Oh, did I mention that the broom is also $100? No? Well, it was, but it was worth it because I knew she wanted that broom so much but she never spends money on herself. I also got her a Kindle Accessory bundle, which I'm quite upset about. Kindles are stupid. Why get something to read books on when you can just read a book? And you have to charge a kindle. You also don't get the satisfaction of turning actual pages or the smell of the book. I hate Kindles with a passion and they are the reason why amazing book stores like Borders, are out of business. There is only one book store now that isn't a used book store. I HATE YOU KINDLE! I also got her a cute mug.
     I did get Douglas a lot of things, and i mean A LOT! I got him some goodies from Lush because he doesn't use good stuff for his skin, but he will now! *insert evil laugh* Also got him something for hiking, I did mention before that everyone should check out his hiking business thing Do it. And I have gotten him Canucks stuff. Not expensive Canucks stuff, so I shouldn't hyperventilate over it. *panic face*
     With all of that said, I should probably get a job. Which I wouldn't freak out about it too much if I wasn't from another country. Its probably going to be a bit difficult, but I will make it happen. I need to support my Lush and shoe addiction, as well as my future with Douglas.
    Oh, and I just forgot I have to take out money for the cab. :-(

boooo money!

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