Thursday, 22 December 2011

Home for the Holidays

     Ive been home for almost a week now, and so far it has been somewhat eventful. My boyfriend finally met my mom, we also went to the zoo during the day and at night for Zoolights. My mom and I saw Sherlock Holmes 2, which was amazing. Douglas, his cat, and I also got christmas photos with Santa. Im anxious to see those. I do, however, have a photo of the cat wearing her elf hat before we went to take christmas photos.
     Tonight we are making my great grandma's christmas cookies, which we do every year, and they are the most amazing cookies ever but a pain to decorate because one batch makes sooooooooooo much, but I think I was able to recruit Douglas to help *evil grin*
    Tomorrow we will, hopefully, be going to a play. I say "hopefully" because I'm paranoid and hoping tickets are still available. Next week, we are going to Mt Rainer! And for NYE we are going to Portland, OR. Also, I need to hangout with Ashley. Shes really the only person from home that I still talk to. I knew my friends werent that great so I wasnt surprised that they only kind of contact me when I'm home, except for Ashley. She emails me all the time and was even more excited for my home coming than I was. Shes a good person.
     Oh gosh, so many things to do while Im home, yet all I want to do is spend all of my time with Douglas and my mom. Good thing I still have two more weeks here!

Douglas' cat, Leah, with her new Christmas hat. Also its her first Christmas.

Me and Douglas' dog, Millie. She loves dressing up and cuddling.

Brita likes to wear my hair on her face, and Jon likes to photo bomb

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