Monday, 12 December 2011


Just thought I'd share my surpised on how many have actually viewed my blog and from which countries!
     Well, Since I'm already here with this blank screen infront of me, I might as well update about something.
     In two days, Todd Masters (movie & Tv makeup artist) will be coming to my school for a little lecture. I'm sure I'm going to be very inspired and want to start working asap. Hes done movies and tv shows such as Star Trek, New Moon, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Tales from the Crypt, and so on.
I'm pretty sure no one understands how excited I am, especially my school mates who have only seen the
"popular" tv shows hes done.
     Also this week, I will be heading home, once again, for christmas break! Douglas and I will be having more fun adventures, of course. Going to Portland for New Years, and he will get to meet my mom. lol which may or maynot be awkward. Also, hopefully going to Zoolights at Pt defiance Zoo & Aquarium. If anyone happens to be going to the states from Canada the same day, then you'll know its me from the giant broom I will be carrying. That's right, I will be taking a broom back home. It's not just any broom, its a broom from Granville Island Broom Company. The store is actually pretty cool. You can see how they make their brooms and the smell is very country and comfy, even if your not from farm land.
     If you're ever in Vancouver, BC, Granville Island is a must. If I lived closer to Granville Island, I would definetly do my grocery shopping there at the public market. Also theres many cute shops, theatres, a childrens park, and I can't forget the Granville Brewery. mmmmm beeeeer.


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